Perspectives: Making Art of Family

The Journey of Time-Capsuling Fleeting Moments with our Littlest Ones…

The Giving Season

When I was about 8-years old, a beloved aunt gifted me one of my favorite childhood books – The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. The close relationship between the tree and the little boy resonated with me deeply, as much of my own childhood was spent climbing and constructing “club houses” in the tallest trees […]

Why This Lucky Mama is Raising Funds for Midwifery Care in NYC

I’m a big time planner and one of my specialties is over-preparing for any and everything I do… including having a baby. In fact, one of my closest mom friends (who I met at an 8-week birth class) often remarks in impressed disbelief about the fact that I booked my doula before I was even […]

A Daughter’s Reflection on Memory

  A father gazes into his newborn’s eyes as they lay chest to chest… A new dad rocks his 2.5 month old to sleep on his shoulder… A patient father charms his picky-eater of a toddler into trying a new food. These are some of the breathtaking family moments that I’ve had the privilege of […]